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1. Coca Cola Sabco : (Contact) Rate | Comment | Modify | Report
Coca-Cola Sabco operates in seven Southern and East African countries and five Asian countries, and employs more than 9500 people. It operates 25 bottling plants and aims to fulfil the refreshment needs of more than 240 million consumers that live in its markets. It is a proud developing markets Anchor bottler.

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2. Artisan Food Kombucha : (Contact) Rate | Comment | Modify | Report
Kombucha tea is a slightly sweet, slightly acidic refreshing beverage consumed worldwide and is now available in Port Elizabeth. Packed full of anti-oxidants, probiotics, enzymes and vitamins it is associated with many health giving benefits. Kombucha is slightly effervescent and is made from tea, sugar and living cultures which are fermented. Now available at the Grass Roof, Continental Craft meats and Deli, Health Matters, Pantry on Main and RAAK in Port Elizabeth.

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3. Coalition Trading 767 CC : (Contact) Rate | Comment | Modify | Report


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4. The Wright Stuff : (Contact) Rate | Comment | Modify | Report


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