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Metal Craftsmen: Metal Craftsmen and Fabrications

1. Wehner Lemmer : (Contact) Rate | Comment | Modify | Report
Wehrner Lemmer is a South African sculptor, craftsman and fine artist living and practicing in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Wehrner is available for corporate and private commissions.

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2. Central Green Metal Fabrication : (Contact) Rate | Comment | Modify | Report
Central Green Metal Fabrication offer an array of metal related services and manufacture from general metal work ie: fences, gates, burglar proofing, cages, furniture, trailer repair, decorative fixtures, custom steel work to welding maintenance/repair work.

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3. Algoa Bay Manufacturers : (Contact) Rate | Comment | Modify | Report
Algoa Bay Manufacturers, will manufacture all your steel work requirements according to customer specs: Trailers, Braais, Braai grids, Security Gates, Palisade Fencing, Burglar Bars, Tables, Chairs, Speaker Stands and Staircases.

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