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Furniture Restorers:

1. Hennies Upholstery : (Contact) Rate | Comment | Modify | Report
Turn your furniture ideas into reality - phone or visit our premises.

E-Mail or Phone Hennies Upholstery

2. Hide Out : (Contact) Rate | Comment | Modify | Report
Genuine Leather hand crafted bags and accessories. We also specialize in Riempie Chair repairs.

E-Mail or Phone Hide Out

3. Toughcoat Protective Systems : (Contact) Rate | Comment | Modify | Report


E-Mail or Phone Toughcoat Protective Systems

4. Barenesta : (Contact) Rate | Comment | Modify | Report
Restoration and repairing of furniture, manufacturers of hardwood furniture, woodturning.

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5. Franks Furniture Renovations : (Contact) Rate | Comment | Modify | Report
Re-spraying and furniture renovations and repairs, re-riempie stools and chairs, cane, rattan repairs, upholstery.

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6. S N Sontashe : (Contact) Rate | Comment | Modify | Report
Expert in restoration of all furniture, also recovering of lounge suites, repolishing.

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