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1. Raggy Charters : (Contact) Rate | Comment | Modify | Report
Raggy Charters has been running ocean safaris since 1997, in to Algoa Bay. We specialise in penguin island and whale & dolphin watching cruises with spectacular sightings all year round. Between June and July we are visited by migratory humpback and Southern right whales. We have an island in the bay with 22,000 African penguins breeding; the largest breeding colony for these endangered birds in the world. All year round we also see dolphins, seals, sharks and plenty of other seabirds. We also get to experience the sardine run between March and June which is one of the most impressive marine displays on earth with brydes whales, minke whales, common dolphins, seals, sharks, game fish, African penguins, Cape gannets among other birds all feeding on huge balls of bait fish! Come and join us for an ocean adventure! We also offer leisurely beachfront cruises, fishing charters, bird island cruises, and pelagic birding cruises. With the only license for boat-based whale and dolphin watching in the bay, allowing us amazing close encounters, you really can't choose anyone else!

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2. Arevo Aquaculture & Aquaponics : (Contact) Rate | Comment | Modify | Report
AREVO Aquaculture & Aquaponics have grown premium organic seafood and vegetables in both marine and freshwater systems in much shorter timeframes and in bigger volumes consistently than any competitor.

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3. Pirates Fishing Charters : (Contact) Rate | Comment | Modify | Report
We provide an extensive range of fishing options tailored to suit your personal needs. All tackle, bait, food and refreshments are supplied.Maximum of 5 fishermen and special rates for the single fisherman. Pirates Lodge is situated on the banks of the Swartkops River Estuary in the picturesque village Amsterdamhoek, next to Bluewater Bay. We provide the perfect venue for serious fishermen or a family holiday. Conveniently close to Port Elizabeth and the airport, all transport is provided for you. Accommodation is available at our well known Mangolds Guest House which has its own popular restaurant where your daily catch will be cooked to perfection for you.

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4. Itemba Labantu Fishing CC : (Contact) Rate | Comment | Modify | Report


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5. Lusitania Trolling Services : (Contact) Rate | Comment | Modify | Report


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6. Talhado Fishing : (Contact) Rate | Comment | Modify | Report


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7. Mast Fishing (Pty) Ltd : (Contact) Rate | Comment | Modify | Report


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8. Lakeside Farm Fishing : (Contact) Rate | Comment | Modify | Report
Fresh water recreational fishing.

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9. Blue Continent Products (Pty) Ltd : (Contact) Rate | Comment | Modify | Report


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10. Siyaloba Fishing Ent : (Contact) Rate | Comment | Modify | Report


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11. Eyethu Fishing (Pty) Ltd : (Contact) Rate | Comment | Modify | Report
We pack, sell & can fresh and frozen fish.

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12. A Team Fishing : (Contact) Rate | Comment | Modify | Report
Ultimate fishing experience of a lifetime.

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13. Naaz Fishing Co : (Contact) Rate | Comment | Modify | Report


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14. Zwembesi Farms (Pty) Ltd : (Contact) Rate | Comment | Modify | Report
Zwembesi Farms specialize in fresh, cultivated oysters produced in the cool clean waters of Algoa Bay. As part of the Knysna Oyster Company group we share the rich history of oyster cultivation that started way back in 1949. Our land base is located on the North Harbour Wall of the Port of Port Elizabeth and we sell oysters direct to the public as well as wholesalers in most major local centres. We have expanded our operations and wish to enlarge our export customer base.

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