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Description: STOP. Go no further. You want to be sexy and slim? You want to lose weight? This may not be the best place to do that. This place is about your body. This place is about something most of us hide from all our lives... ourselves. Your body is unique; it belongs only to you. You live in it; you decide what to do with it. This place is about knowing what it is you want, it’s about understanding how to get there and it’s about making the choices that are relevant to you being happy in your body. The Happy Body isn’t where you'll find the latest diet. For sure, we’ll teach you about nourishing your body so that you reach optimal weight and health, but we’re not about dieting. The Happy Body isn’t about a killer exercise routine where success is measured in buckets of sweat. But we will get you moving. The Happy Body isn’t about self-talk gimmicks and rah-rah; it’s about how you think and use your mind to drive your goals. Tired of the diet roller coaster? Tired of hiding from the scale? Tired of feeling negative about your body? Step inside… you’re not alone. Welcome to the world of loving you.

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Physical Address: 16 Gladstone Street, South End, Port Elizabeth

Phone Number: 0415811679
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