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A - From Abattoirs to Axles
Port Elizabeth Business Listings, from Abattoirs to Axles
Abattoirs, Abortion Alternatives, Abortion Clinics, Abrasives, Access Control Equipment and Supplies, Accident Investigations, Accomodation Agents, Accomodation Establishments, Accountants, Adhesives, Adult Education, Adult Entertainment, Adventure Sports, Advertising and Sample Distrubutors (see Pamphlet and Sample Distributors), Advertising - Outdoor / Indoor, Advertising - Promotional Products, Advertising Agencies, Advertising Directories, Advertising Distrubutors - Door to Door (see Pamphlet and Sample Distributors), Advertising Representatives, Aerials, Agricultural Supplies and Installations, Aids Information and Services, Air Charter, Air Conditioning Equipment, Air Freight, Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, Alternative Health, Aluminium, Ambulance Services, Amusement Places, Animal, Antiques, Architects, Armature Winders, Art, Art Schools, Artists Material and Supplies, Arts and Crafts, Asphalt, Associations, Attorneys, Auctioneers, Audio Visual, Auto Electricians.... Find more Port Elizabeth Business Listings
B - From Baby Accessories to Buy Aids
Port Elizabeth Business Directory - Baby Accessories to Buy Aids
Baby Accessories, Baby Cots & Cribs, Babywear - see Outfitters - Children\'s & Infants, Backpackers Accommodation &/or Transport, Backpacking Eqpt & Supplies, Bacon & Polony Factories - see Meat Products - Mfrs & Suppliers, Badges, Bag Mfrs - Paper - see Paper Bags, Bag Mfrs - School, Sport & Promotional - see Luggage - Mfrs & Wh\'salers, Bag Repairs - see Handbag Repairs, Bagpipes - see Musical Instruments, Bags - Canvas, Cotton, Hessian, Jute, Bags - Plastic & Poly, Bait - see Fishing Tackle & Eqpt - Retail, Baked Enamel Signs - see Signs &/or Sign Maintenance, Baked Enamelling - see Enamelling, Bakers & Confectioners, Bakers & Confectioners Supplies, Bakers Machinery & Eqpt, Baking Powder Mfrs - see Bakers & Confectioners Supplies, Bakkie Hire - see Truck &/or Bakkie Hire, Bakkie Liners, Balanced Rations - see Animal Feeds, Balancing - Dynamic - see Dynamic Balancing, Ball Bearings - see Bearings, Ballet Schools - see Dancing Schools/Studios, Ballet Supplies - see Dancing Supplies, Ballet Tights - see Hosiery Mfrs, Balloons, Balloons - Advertising - see Advertising - Promotional Products, Balustrades, Bands - see Dance Bands & Orchestras, Banks, Banks - Industrial, Banks - Merchant, Banners, Bar Fixtures, Barbecue Eqpt & Supplies - see Braaivleis Eqpt & Supplies, Barbecue Equpt & Supplies - see Gas Appliances, Barbed Wire - see Wire & Tape - Barbed, Barbers - see Hairdressers - Men\'s, Barcoding, Barcoding Eqpt, Bargaining Councils, Barndances - see Entertainers - Functions & Party.... Find more Port Elizabeth Business Listings
C - From Cabinetmakers to Cylinders
Port Elizabeth Business Directory - Cabinetmakers to Cylinders
Cabinetmakers, Cable Manufacture and Supply, Cafes and Tearooms, Camps and Camping, Cane Furniture, Canopies, Canvas, Car Radios, Car, Caravan and Camper Hire, Caravan Parks, Repairs and Supply, Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning, Carpet Dealers, Cartage and Transport Contractors, Cash Registers, Casinos, Castors and Wheels, Caterers, Caterers Equipment and Supplies, Ceilings, Cellular Telephones and Accessories, Ceramics, Chains, Charcoal, Charitable Organisations (see Welfare Organisation), Chasis Straightening, Chemicals - Agents, Chemicals - Cleaning, Chemicals - Manufacturers and Supplies, Chickens - Retail, Chiropractors, Churches, Circuit Breakers, Civil Engineering Consultants, Civil Engineering Contractors, Cleaning Equipment - Industrial, Cleaning Services - Industrial and Marine, Cleaning Services - Office and Home, Clinics, Clocks, Closed Circuit TV (CCTV) Systems and Equipment, Clothes - secondhand, Clothing Hire, Clothing Manufacturers and Distributors, Clothing Retailers, Clubs - Cultural, Social and Hobby.... Find more Port Elizabeth Business Listings
D - From Dairies to Dyers
Port Elizabeth Business Directory - Dairies to Dyers
Dairies, Dancing Schools, Studios and Supplies, Debt Collectors, Dental Practitioners - General, Dental Practitioners - Specialists, Dental Requisites, Department Stores, Detective Agencies, Diamonds - Wholesale and Retail, Diesel Engine Repairs, Discotheques, Distribution Services, Diving - Contractors, Equipment, Schools, Doctors - See Medical Practitioners, Document Storage, Dog and Cat Grooming Services, Dog Training, Domestic Workers, Domestic Workers Recruitment Agencies, Doors - Garage, Doors - Manufacturers, Aluminium, Automatic, Folding, Sliding, Wooden, Drainage Contractors, Draughting and Design Services, Dressmakers, Drilling Contractors and Equipment, Driving Instruction, Drum Dealers and Reconditioners, Dry Cleaning.... Find more Port Elizabeth Business Listings
E - From Ears to Eyes
Port Elizabeth business categories and web sites starting with the Letter E
Earthmoving Equipment Hire, Supply, Repair Spares, Educational Aids, Electric Motors - Repair, Rewind and Supply, Electrical Appliance - Manufacturers, Parts Suppliers, Electrical Appliances - Repairs, Electrical Appliances - Retail, Electrical Contractors, Electrical Suppliers, Electronic Equipment - Components, Design, Manufacture, Repair, Embroidery, Engine Protection, Engineers - Consulting, Engineers - Electrical, Engineers - General, Engineers - Hydraulic, Marine, Manufacturing, Motor, Power, Refrigeration, Engineers - Mechanical, Engineers - Members of the SA Ass. of Consulting Engineers, Engineers - Precision, Engineers - Structural, Engineers Supplies, Engines - Diesel, Engines - Petrol, Engines - Reconditioned, Used, Engravers, Entertainers, Entertainment Agents, Environmental Consultants, Escort Services, Estate Agents, Event Organisers, Exhaust Systems, Exporters.... Find more Port Elizabeth Business Listings
F - From Fabric to Furniture
Port Elizabeth business categories and web sites starting with the Letter F
Fabric Shops, Facilitators, Facsimile Equipment and Supplies, Factory Shops, Fans - Manufacturers and Distributors, Farms and Farming, Fashion - Design, Designers and Schools, Fasteners and Fastening Systems, Feather Goods & Feathers, Fences and Fencing, Fibreglass Manufacturers and Distributors, Fibreglass Products, Filters - Air, Gas and Liquid, Financial Consultants, Financial Management Services, Financing Companies, Fire Protection, Fireplaces and Accessories, First Aid - Instruction, Services and Supplies, Fish and Chips Shops, Fish and Delicacies - Retail, Fish and Seafood Merchants, Fishing Companies, Fishing Tackle and Equipment, Flats and Houses to Let, Fleet Management, Floor Maintenance and Materials, Floor Sanding and Hire, Flooring Contractors, Florists and Flowers, Flying Instruction, Foam, Food Manufacturers and Distributors, Foods - Frozen, Footwear - Industrial, Wholesale, Manufacturers, Fork Lift Trucks - Sales, Spares, Accesories, Hire, Repair, Foundries, Fruit and Vegetable Suppliers - Wholesale, Fruit Juices - Squashes and Concentrates, Fruit Packers and Distributors, Fruiterers, Funeral Directors and Undertakers, Furniture Dealer - Secondhand, Furniture Dealers - New, Furniture Manufacturers.... Find more Port Elizabeth Business Listings
G - From Galvanising to Gyms
Port Elizabeth business categories and web sites starting with the Letter G
Galvanising, Game Farms, Game Reserves, Garage Equipment, Garages and Service Stations, Garden Equipment and Services, Gas, Gates, Gearboxes, General Dealers, Generators, Gifts and Novelties, Glass Manufacture, Merchants, Glazing Contractors, Global Positioning Systems, Golf Courses, Equipment, Tuition, Golf Tuition, Granite, Graphic Designers, Grass Planting, Grocers Wholesale, Guest House Accommodation in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, Gunsmiths, Gutters and Downpipes, Gymnasiums & Health Studios.... Find more Port Elizabeth Business Listings
H - From Haberdashery to Hypnotists
Port Elizabeth business categories and web sites starting with the Letter H
Haberdashery, Haberdashery Mfrs & Wholesalers, Hair Care &/or Loss Consultants, Hair Extensions - Braids, Hair Removing - see Beauty Salons, Hairbrushes - see Hairdressers\' Supplies, Haircloth - see Interlining Mfrs, Hairdressers - Ladies &/or Unisex, Hairdressers - Men\'s, Hairdressers\' Supplies, Hairpieces, Halls for Hire, Hand Dryers, Hand Trucks - see Trolley & Truck Mfrs - Industrial, Handbag Repairs, Handbags - Retail, Handicraft Materials, Handles, Handrails - see Balustrades, Handwriting Analysts - see Handwriting Experts, Handwriting Experts, Handyman Services, Hangers - see Coathangers, Hanggliding - see Adventure Sports, Harbours, Hardboard - see Board Products, Hardchrome Plating, Hardware - Retail, Hardware - Wh\'sale & Mfrs, Harness Makers - see Saddlery & Harness, Harnesses - Wiring - see Wire Harnesses - Electrical, Hat Mfrs, Hatha Yoga, Haulage - Heavy, Hay Merchants - see Produce Markets, Brokers &/or Merchants, Headstones - see Tombstones, Health Clinics, Health Foods &/or Shops, Health Management Institutions, Health Resorts, Health Studios & Gymnasiums, Health Studios & Gymnasiums - Eqpt & Supplies, Hearing (Testing & Therapy) - see Speech Therapists, Hearing Aids, Heat Exchangers.... Find more Port Elizabeth Business Listings
I - From Ice Cream to Ivory
Port Elizabeth business categories and web sites starting with the Letter I
Ice Cream & Ice Lolly Mfrs, Ice Cream Parlours, Ice Distributors, Ice Making Machinery, Ice Skates - see Sports Goods & Eqpt, Identification Cards - see Access Control Eqpt & Supplies, Identification Eqpt & Supplies - see Access Control Eqpt & Supplies, Identity Discs - see Access Control Eqpt & Supplies, Illuminated Signs - see Neon Signs &/or Lights, Image Consultants, Image Filing - see Microfilm Services & Eqpt, Image Processing Eqpt &/or Services, Immigration or Emigration Consultants, Impact Extrusions - Cold - see Engineers - Mass Production, Import & Export Agents &/or Traders, Incinerators - Disposal - see Waste Disposal, Incinerators - Household - see Waste Disposal, Income Tax Consultants - see Tax Consultants, Index Binding - Visible - see Binding Eqpt, Indoor Plants, Induction Heating - see Heating Eqpt & Systems, Industrial & Motor Lacquers - see Paint Mfrs & Wh\'salers, Industrial & Scientific Instruments - see Instruments - Industrial & Scientific, Industrial Belting - see Belting - Mechanical - Mfrs & Wh\'salers, Industrial Burners - see Oil Burners, Industrial Chemicals - see Chemicals - Mfrs & Suppliers, Industrial Chemists - see Chemists - Analytical & Consulting, Industrial Cleaning Services - see Cleaning Services - Industrial or Marine, Industrial Coke - see Coal, Coke & Wood, Industrial Councils - see Bargaining Councils, Industrial Displays - see Display Designers & Producers, Industrial Electronic Maintenance - see Electronic Eqpt Maintenance, Industrial Eqpt & Supplies - see Industrial Supplies, Industrial Flooring - see Flooring Contractors, Industrial Gases - see Gases - Industrial & Medical, Industrial Keys - see Keys, Industrial Painting - see Painting Contractors, Industrial Premises - see Estate Agents, Industrial Properties - see Estate Agents, Industrial Pumps - see Pumps & Pumping Appliances, Industrial Refrigeration - see Refrigeration Eqpt - Industrial & Commercial, Industrial Research - see Research - Scientific & Industrial, Industrial Spray Painting - see Spraypainting, Industrial Supplies, Industrialised Building Systems - see Prefabricated Buildings.... Find more Port Elizabeth Business Listings
J - From Jackets to Jungles
Port Elizabeth business categories and web sites starting with the Letter J
Jackets - Blanket, Jacks - Motor Car - see Motor Car Parts & Accessories, Janitor Supplies - see Cleaning & Polishing Materials & Supplies, Jet Skis - see Motor Cycle, Moped & Scooter Dealers, Jewellers & Watchmakers - Retail, Jewellers - Mfrg, Jewellers - Wholesale, Jigs & Fixtures, Jingles - see Commercials - Radio & Television, Joinery Mfrs, Jointings & Packings - see Packings & Jointings, Judo - see Martial Arts, Jumping Castles, Jungle Gyms - see Playground Equpt.... Find more Port Elizabeth Business Listings
K - From Karaoke to Krugerrands
Port Elizabeth business categories and web sites starting with the Letter K
Karaoke Entertainment - see Entertainers - Functions & Party, Karate - see Martial Arts, Kardex Visible Record Systems - see Filing Eqpt & Supplies, Kardex Visible Record Systems - see Office Appliances & Eqpt, Kennels & Catteries - Boarding, Kerbing - see Garden Requisites, Tools & Eqpt, Kerbing - see Paving Bricks & Slabs, Kerbing - see Paving Contractors, Keyboards - see Musical Instuments, Keyboards -see Computer Eqpt & Peripherals - Mfrs, Distrs & Retailers, Keys, Kilns, Kitchen Consultants - see Food Facilities Consultants, Kitchen Fittings & Accessories, Kitchen Renovations, Kitchen Units, Kitchens - Mini - see Kitchen Units, Kitchenware, Kite Surfing, Kites, Knife Mfrs & Distributors, Knitted Tie Mfrs - see Tie Mfrs, Knitting Instruction, Knitting Machines - Household, Knitting Wool - Retail, Knitwear Mfrs & Distributors, Knobs - Wooden - see Handles, Koi Ponds - see Garden Services &/or Layout, Koi Ponds - see Water Features & Ponds, Krugerrands.... Find more Port Elizabeth Business Listings
L - From Labels to Luggage
Port Elizabeth business categories and web sites starting with the Letter L
Label Printing, Labelling Eqpt, Labels - Fabric - Printed or Woven, Laboratories - Research & Testing, Laboratory & Scientific Eqpt & Supplies, Labour Brokers - see Employment - Temporary (Industrial), Labour Consultants &/or Services, Labour Contractors - Hire, Lacquer Mfrs & Distributors - see Paint Mfrs & Wh\'salers, Ladders, Ladies Fashionwear, Ladies Hats - see Hat mfrs, Ladies Hats - see Ladies Fashionwear, Laminating Eqpt & Supplies, Lamination - Plastic, Paper, etc, Lamps - Antique - Repairs - see Antique Restorers, Lancing Tube - see Tube Mfrs & Suppliers, Land Agents - see Estate Agents, Land Surveyors - see Surveyors - Land, Landscape Architects, Landscape Contractors, Language Tuition, Laser Cutting &/or Marking, Laser Printing, Laser Printing Eqpt &/or Repairs, Latrines - see Toilet &/or Showers - Portable, Lattices - see Fences & Fencing, Lattices - see Garden Requisites, Tools & Eqpt, Launderette Eqpt, Launderettes, Laundries, Laundry & Dry Cleaning Eqpt - Comm & Ind - see Dry Cleaning & Laundry Eqpt - Commercial & Industrial, Laundry Detergents - see Detergents, Lavatories - Portable - see Toilets &/or Showers - Portable, Lawn Grass, Lawn Mowing Service, Lawn Treatment - see Garden Services &/or Layout, Lawn Treatment - see Lawn Grass, Lawnmowers & Spares, Lawnmowers - Industrial, Lawnmowers - Repairs, Lead Ingots - see Ingots, Leaflet Distributors - see Pamphlet & Sample Distributors, Leak Detection Eqpt &/or Services, Leasing Brokers - see Business Brokers.... Find more Port Elizabeth Business Listings
M - From Machines to Mutual Funds
Port Elizabeth business categories and web sites starting with the Letter M
Machine Belts - see Belting - Mechanical - Mfrs & Wh\'salers, Machine Design, Machine Shops, Machine Tool Repairs & Reconditioning, Machine Tools, Machinery, Machinery Moving & Erecting, Mag Wheels - see Tyre Dealers\' Eqpt & Supplies, Magazine Publishers - see Publishers & Publications, Magazine Sellers - see Booksellers - General, Magicians, Magnetic Tape - Cards - see Fraud Prevention Eqpt & Supplies, Magnetic Tapes - see Records & Tapes - Retail, Magnets &/or Magnet Sheeting, Maids - see Domestic Workers, Mail Collection Services, Mail Order Houses, Maintenance - General, Maize Millers - see Millers (Grain), Maize Products, Malleable Founders - see Foundries, Mallory/Elkonite Resistance Welding Material - see Welding Eqpt & Supplies, Management - Infrastructure - see Management Consultants, Management Consultants, Management Services, Management Training, Manicure Schools - see Beauty & Health Schools, Mannequin Agencies/Schools - see Model Agencies, Manufacturers\' Representatives, Manufacturing Jewellers - see Jewellers - Mfrg, Manure, Maps, Marble & Marble Products, Marble Cleaning - see Cleaning Services (Office, etc), Marinas, Marine Engines & Eqpt, Marine Gearboxes - see Marine Engines & Eqpt, Marine Insurance - see Insurance Companies, Marine Navigation & Electronic Eqpt, Marine Safety Eqpt - see Safety Eqpt & Clothing, Marine Services, Market Research, Market, Commission & General Agents, Marketing Consultants, Marketing Promotions - see Marketing Consultants.... Find more Port Elizabeth Business Listings
N - From Nails to Nylon
Port Elizabeth business categories and web sites starting with the Letter N
Nail Bar Eqpt & Supplies, Nail Bars, Nails & Tacks, Name Badges - see Badges, Name Tapes - see Labels - Fabric - Printed or Woven, Nameplates, Napkin Mfrs - see Baby Accessories, Napkin Mfrs - see Towels - Fabric, Napkin Mfrs - see Towels - Paper, Nappies - Disposable, Nature Reserves, Nautical Instruments - see Boats, Accessories & Eqpt, Nautical Instruments - see Marine Navigation & Electronic Eqpt, Neckwear - see Tie Mfrs, Needlecraft - see Needlework, Needlework, Needlework Schools - see Dressmaking Instruction &/or Schools, Neon Signs &/or Lights, Net Mfrs - Sports, Netting Mfrs, News Agents, News Services, Newspapers, Newsprint Merchants - see Paper Merchants, Night Clubs, Night Watchmen, Night Watchmen\'s Control Eqpt, Non Profit Organisations - see Associations, Non-Destructive Testing Services - see Testing Services - Non-Destructive & Eqpt, Non-Ferrous Founders - see Foundries, Non-Ferrous Ingots - see Ingots, Non-Ferrous Metals - see Metal Distributors, Nonwoven Fabrics, Novelties & Fancy Goods - see Gifts & Novelties, Novelty Mfrs - see Gift Merchants - Wh\'sale, Nozzles, Numberplates, Numismatists - see Coin Dealers, Nurse Aids/home Care - see Nurses & Nurses\' Institutes, Nurseries, Nursery Schools, Nurserymen\'s Supplies, Nurses & Nurses\' Institutes, Nurses - Private Practitioners (Mem. of SA Nursing Council), Nursin Eqpt - Hire - see Hiring Services.... Find more Port Elizabeth Business Listings
O - From Occupations to Ozone
Port Elizabeth business categories and web sites starting with the Letter O
Occupational Health & Safety Consultants, Occupational Therapists (Regd With Hpcsa), Office Appliances & Eqpt, Office Appliances & Eqpt - Repairs, Office Automation, Office Cleaners - see Cleaning Services (Office, etc), Office Eqpt - Loose Leaf - see Binding Eqpt, Office Furniture, Office Furniture - Repairs, Office Machine Repairs - see Office Appliances & Eqpt - Repairs, Office Partitioning - see Partitions, Office Removals - see Furniture Removals Packing & Storage - Household &/or Office, Office Stationery - see Stationers, Office Stationery - see Stationery - Wh\'salers - Mfrs, Offroad Racing - see Adventure Sports, Offroad Vehicle Repairs & Modifications - see Motor Vehicle - Four Wheel Drive - Accessories &/or Repairs, Oil Analysis, Oil Burners, Oil Burning Eqpt - see Oil Burners, Oil Companies, Oil Filters - see Filters - Air, Gas & Liquid, Oil Firing Eqpt - see Oil Burners, Oil Heating - see Paraffin & Heating Oil, Oil Purification, Oil Refiners, Oil Seals, Oil Suppliers - see Petroleum Products, Oils & Fats - Edible, Oils - Essential, Oils - Fuels, Oils - Vegetable, Old Age Homes, On Board Computers - see Computers On Board for Vehicles/Trucks, Onyx Furniture Mfrs - see Marble & marble Products, Optical Goods - Wh\'sale & Mfrg, Optometrists, Orchards - see Nurseries, Orchestras - see Dance Bands & Orchestras, Orchestras - see Discotheques, Organic Mfrs - see Fertilisers, Oriental Carpets - see Carpets - Persian & Oriental, Ornamental Ceramic Products - see Ceramic Products - Decorative, Ornamental Plastic Products - see Plastics - Products, Orthopaedic Appliances, Ostrich Farms.... Find more Port Elizabeth Business Listings
P - From PABX to Putt Putt
Port Elizabeth business categories and web sites starting with the Letter P
P V C Plastic Fans - see Fans - Mfrs & Distributors, P.A.B.X. Systems & Eqpt, Packaging Contractors, Packaging Machinery, Packaging Materials, Packaging Mfrs, Packing & Filing Contractors - see Packaging Contractors, Packing & Jointings, Padlock Distributors - see Hardwre - Wh\'sale & Mfrs, Padlock Distributors - see Locksmiths\' Supplies, Paging Service & Systems, Paint - Automotive & Industrial, Paint - Retail, Paint Brushes, Paint Mfrs & Wh\'salers, Paint Spraying Eqpt - see Spraying Eqpt, Paint Strippers, Paintball Games - see Adventure Sports, Painters & House Decorators - see Painting Contractors, Painting Contractors, Paintings - Art - see Art Dealers, Pallet Trucks, Pallets, Palmists - see Fortune Tellers, Pamphlet & Sample Distributors, Panelbeaters & Spraypainters, Panelbeaters\' & Spraypainters Eqpt & Supplies - see Spraypainting Eqpt & Supplies, Pantihose - see Hosiery Mfrs, Paper Bags, Paper Cutting, Paper Merchants, Paper Mfrs, Paper Mill & Pulp Machinery - see Machinery, Paper Products, Paper Sack Mfrs - Multiwall - see Packaging Mfrs, Paper Sack Mfrs - Multiwall - see Paper Mfrs, Paper Shredding machines, paper Storage - see Documentation Storage, Paper Suppliers - Wh\'sale, Paper Towels - see Towels - Paper, Parachuting &/or Skydiving, Paraffin & Heating Oil, Parking Garages, Parquet Block Flooring Layers - see Flooring Contractors, Partition Materials Mfrs - see Partitions.... Find more Port Elizabeth Business Listings
Q - From Quality to Quilts
Port Elizabeth business categories and web sites starting with the Letter Q
Quality Management, Quality Testing - see Laboratories - Research & Testing, Quantity Surveyors, Quarries, Quarries - Sand - see Sand & Stone Suppliers, Quartz Crystal - see Electronic Eqpt & Components, Quilts.... Find more Port Elizabeth Business Listings
R - From Racing to Rust
Port Elizabeth business categories and web sites starting with the Letter R
Radiators, Radio Broadcasting Services, Radio Communication Equipment & Systems, Radio Components & Equipment Wholesale, Radio Dealers, Radio Repairs, Railings, Recording Studios, Recruitment Consultants (see Personnel Consultants), Recyclers, Reflexologists, Refractories, Refrigeration, Religion, Research, Resins, Restaurants, Retirement, Retreaders & Vulcanisers, Road & Bridge Construction, Roadworthy Specialists, Roofs, Rubber Stamps, Rust.... Find more Port Elizabeth Business Listings
S - From Saddles to Synthetics
Port Elizabeth business categories and web sites starting with the Letter S
Saddlery & Harness, Safari Suit Mfrs (see Clothing Mfrs & Distributors - Mens), Safaris (see Tours, Safaris and Operators), Safes and Strongrooms, Safety Eqpt and Clothing, Safety Glass Mfrs (see Glass Mfrs - Safety), Safety Gloves (see Safety Eqpt and Clothing), Safety Signage (see Signs and/or Sign Maintenance), Sails (see Tarpaulins), Sails - Plastic and Nylon (see Tarpaulins), Saings Banks (see Building Societies), Sales Promotion Consultants, Sales Training, Salt, Salvage Reject and Surplus Goods, Sampling and Advertising Distributors (see Pamphlet and Sample Distributors), Sand and Stone Suppliers, Sand Pits (see Playground Eqpt), Sandblasting - Decorative, Sandblasting and/or Shot Blasting, Sandblasting Eqpt and Supplies, Sanding - Floor (see Floor Sanding), Sandpaper Mfrs (see Abrasives), Sandwiches (see Take-Away Foods), Sangomas (see Herbalists), Sanitary Towel Disposal Service, Satellite Dishes (see Satellite Systems & Eqpt), Satellite Systems and Eqpt, Satellite Vehicle Tracking (see Vehicle Tracking Systems and/or Recovery), Sauces and Condiments, Sauna Baths and Massage (see Health Studios and Gymnasiums), Saunas and Supplies, Savings Banks (see Banks), Saw Doctors (see Saw Repairs and Sharpening), Saw Repairs and Sharpening, Sawmills, Saws - Butcher (see Butchers Eqpt and Supplies), Saws - Hiring (see Hiring Services), Scaffolding, Access Platforms and/or Eqpt, Scales and Mass Measuring Machines, Scales and Mass Measuring Machines - Repairs, Service and Maintenance, Schools - Academic - Special Purpose, Schools - Art (see Art Schools), Schools - Computer (see Computer Schools and Training), Schools - Fashion Design (see Fashion Designing Schools).... Find more Port Elizabeth Business Listings
T - From Tables to Tyres
Port Elizabeth business categories and web sites starting with the Letter T
T-Shirts, Table Gifts - see Wedding Accessories etc, Table Lifts - see Lift Mfrs & Engineers, Table Mfrs - see Furniture Mfrs, Tablet Mfrs - see Pharmaceuticals, Tableware, Tachographs & Tachometers, Tacking Machines - see Staples & Stapling machines, Tag Mfrs - see Label Printing, Tag Mfrs - see Labels - Fabric - Printed or Woven, Tailgates - Hydraulic - see Lifting Eqpt, Tailgates - Hydraulic - see Truck Tail Lifts, Tailors, Tailors - ladies, Tailors\' Trimmings & Supplies - see Haberdashery, Take-Away Foods, Tank Lining & Coating - see Coatings - Protective &/or Decorative, Tank Lining & Coating see Dam Linings, Tanker Service - Road, Tanks & Containers, Tanners & Curriers, Tape - Barbed - see Wire & Tape - Barbed, Tape Recorders & Repairs - see High Fidelity Systems & Eqpt, Tape Recorders & Repairs - see Radio Repairs, Tapes - Adhesive, Tapes - Magnetic - see Records & Tapes - Retail, Tapes - Sound & Video - see Records & Tapes - Retail, Tapestries, Tar & Tar Products, Tarmac - see Asphalters & Road Contrators, Tarot Cards - see Fortune Tellers, Tarpaulins, Tarring Contractors - see Asphalters & Road Contractors, Tattersalls, Tattooists, Tax Consultants, Taxidermists, Taxis, Tea Merchants, Team Building, Tearooms - see Cafes & Tearooms, Technikons, Teflon - see Plastics - Rods, Tubes, Sheets etc - Suppliers, Tele-Marketing Organisations, Telecommunications - see Communication Systems & Eqpt.... Find more Port Elizabeth Business Listings
U - From Umbrellas to Utilities
Port Elizabeth business categories and web sites starting with the Letter U
Umbrella Mfrs, Under Carpet Heating - see heating Eqpt & Systems, Underfloor Heating - see Heating Eqpt & Systems, Undertakers\' & Funeral Directors\' Requisites, Underwater Services - see Diving Contractors, Underwear - Retail, Underwear Mfrs, Uniforms, Uninterruptible Power Supply, Unit Trusts, Universal Joint - Suppliers & Installers - see Propshaft Mfrs, Universities, Upholsterers, Upholsterers\' Supplies, Upholstery Cleaners - see Carpet & Upholstery Cleaners, Upholstery Machinery - see Sewing Machines - Industrial, Urethane - Rods, Tubes, Sheets - see Polyurethane - Products & Materials, Urinals - see Builders Hardware Merchants, Urinals - see Plumbers Supplies &/or Wh\'salers, Urns - see Water Heaters & Hot Water Cylinders, Utility Management Systems - see Meters.... Find more Port Elizabeth Business Listings
V - From Vacuums to Vulcanising
Port Elizabeth business categories and web sites starting with the Letter V
Vacuum Bags - see Packaging Materials, Vacuum Bags - see Packaging Mfrs, Vacuum Cleaner Repairs - see Electrical Appliances (Household) - Repairs, Vacuum Cleaners - Household, Vacuum Forming - Plastics - see Plastics - Vacuum Forming, Vacuum Metallisings - see Electroplaters &/or Polishers, Vacuum Metallisings - see Plastics - Fabricating, Finishing & Decorating, Valet Service, Valet Services - Motor Car - see Motor Car Valet & Washing Services, Value Added Business Services - see Business Consultants, Valuers - Immovable Property, Valuers - Plant, Machinery & Movable Property, Valves, Variable Speed Drives, Vegetables - see Fruit & Vegetable Suppliers - Wh\'sale, Vehicle testing Facilities - see Testing Services - Vehicles Systems & Sub Systems, Vehicle Tracking Systems &/or Recovery, Vehicle Verification - see Testing Services - Vehicles Systems & Sub Systems, Vending Machines, Veneers - see Plywood & Veneers, Venetian Blinds, Venetian Blinds - Cleaning & Repairs - see Blinds - Cleaning & Repairs, Venetian Blinds - Cleaning & Repairs - Venetian Blinds, Ventilation Contractors, Ventilation Ducting - see Ducting - Ventilation, Ventilation Eqpt, Veterinarians, Veterinary Hospitals & Clinics, Veterinary Supplies, Video & Sound Eqpt, Video & Sound Eqpt - Hire, Video Conferences, Video Eqpt - Repairs, Video Film Distributors, Video Film Hire, Video Production Services, Video Screen Projection - see Video & Sound Eqpt, Video Tapes - see Records & Tapes - Retail, Vinegar Mfrs, Vinyl Car Tops - see Motor Car Trimmers, Visible Record Systems - see Filing Eqpt & Supplies, Visible Record Systems - see Office Appliances & Eqpt, Vision Therapy - see Optometrists, Visitors Information Bureaux, Vocational Guidance - see Career &/or Vocational Guidance.... Find more Port Elizabeth Business Listings
W - From Walls to Wrought Iron
Port Elizabeth business categories and web sites starting with the Letter W
Wall Coatings, Wallpapers and Wall Coverings, Walls - Concrete (see Concrete Walls and Products), Walls Retaining, War and Survival Games, Wardrobe Manufacturers (See Furniture Manufacturers), Wardrobe Manufacturers (See Joinery Manufacturers), Warehousing and Storage, Washing Lines - Equipment and Repairs, Washing Machine Repairs, Washroom Equipment, Waste Disposal, Waste Handling Equipment, Waste Paper, Watch Batteries (see Battery Dealers), Watch Distributors, Watch Repairs, Watches Wholesale (see Watch Distributors), Watchmen (see Night Watchmen), Water Analysis, Water Boilers (see Water Heaters and Hot Water Cylinders), Water Carting (see Tanker Service - Road), Water Chillers, Water Conservation (see Environmental Conservation and Ecological Organisations), Water Control Systems and Equipment, Water Control Systems and Equipment - Agricultural (see Irrigation Systems and Equipment), Water Control Systems and Equipment - Agricultural (see Pumps and Pumping Appliances), Water Control Systems and Equipment - Agricultural (see Water Control Systems and Equipment), Water Coolers, Water Cooling Towers (see Cooling Towers), Water Features and Ponds, Water Flocculation (see Water Treatment Eqpt, Service and Supplies), Water Heaters and Hot Water Cylinders, Water Heating Equipment ( see Water Heaters and Hot Water Cylinders), Water Leak Detection (see Leak Detection Eqpt and or Services), Water Management Services, Water Meters (see Meters), Water Purification Eqpt, Service and Supplies, Water Treatment Eqpt, Service and Supplies, Waterproofing Contractors, Waterproofing Materials, Wax, Web Sites Design and Development (see Internet Web Development), Webbing, Website Services (see Internet Web Developmet).... Find more Port Elizabeth Business Listings
X - From X-Ray to Xhosa
Port Elizabeth business categories and web sites starting with the Letter X
X-Ray Apparatus & Supplies, Xhosa Tuition - see Language Tuition.... Find more Port Elizabeth Business Listings
Y - From Yachts to Youth
Port Elizabeth business categories and web sites starting with the Letter Y
Yachting Apparel - see Boats, Accessories & Eqpt, Yachting Apparel - see Sportswear - Retail, Yoga Instruction, Youth Organisations.... Find more Port Elizabeth Business Listings
Z - From Zebras
Port Elizabeth business categories and web sites starting with the Letter Z
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