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Description: Lexan® - ClearBars® by MultiSafe Security are transparent burglar bars, made from imported Lexan® polycarbonate, ISO 9001 approved for Military VIP protection, aircraft windows, Formula 1 cars, and other applications where safety and security are paramount. The material has a tensile breaking strength of 3000 kg's and is virtually indestructible, making it extremely safe in areas where parts may be exposed to impact. Why Lexan®: Lexan® is the best and only real suitable high density polycarbonate to be used when it comes to making long lasting transparent burglar bars. Lexan® was invented in 1953 and is one of only two brands in the world that is certified to be used in the Aviation industry. Benefits of Lexan®- ClearBars®: Stylish, Discreet, Rust proof, Fade resistant and Won't discolour. There is no maintenance, the material is guaranteed for 10 years against fading and aging.

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Physical Address: 13 Simon Close, Beverley Grove, Port Elizabeth, 6070

Phone Number: 084 633 0816
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