91. CrimeStopper Port Elizabeth : (Contact) Rate | Comment | Modify | Report
CrimeStopper Port Elizabeth offer you the Security you need in your home and business. Security Gates, Burglar Bars, Roller Shutters and Garage Doors. All these products under one roof. Our aim is to supply products to make you feel safe and secure. We have a complete range of products available: Window Guards, Window Trellis Guards, Expandable Security Gates, Swing Gates in Steel and Aluminium purposely built burglar bars. Patented horizontal bar systems. Rollup Industrial and Domestic Shutter Doors automated or on manual operation – perforated slats or window slats.

Similar PE Businesses: B - From Baby Accessories to Buy Aids/Burglar Proofing
E-Mail or Phone CrimeStopper Port Elizabeth

92. Sew Creative PE : (Contact) Rate | Comment | Modify | Report
Beginner's and Intermediate Sewing courses - learn to make clothes, read patterns, work with different fabrics. Craft classes - learn new sewing techniques. make beautiful linen, loads of different crafts to learn Bookings are essential as space is limited. Contact us for full details and prices.

Similar PE Businesses: S - From Saddles to Synthetics/Sewing Instruction
E-Mail or Phone Sew Creative PE

93. Dragonfyre Holistic Healing : (Contact) Rate | Comment | Modify | Report
Learn to cope with stress, get in touch with your spirit, hear your angels, quiet your mind, draw abundance and tackle the source of your ailments in order to actually heal your life and your body instead of just treating the symptoms. Wouldn't you prefer to start living instead of just existing? Unblock the flow of energy and be happy!

Similar PE Businesses: A - From Abattoirs to Axles/Alternative Health
E-Mail or Phone Dragonfyre Holistic Healing

94. Straton Solar - Harness the Power of the Sun
[MyPE Recommended Business]
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Straton Solar is focused on one outcome - the complete eradication of your current electricity consumption account via optimum use of the Nelson Mandela Bay Metropolitan Municipality Feed-in Tariff scheme (FiT).

Now homeowners and business can benefit from installing a grid-tie rooftop solar system and exporting the generated Photo-Voltaic electricity to the grid. The generated PV energy helps the home owner to reduce and eventually eradicate all municipal or Eskom electricity bills.

In addition every kW of solar PV installed on the rooftop of your home helps to avoid annual CO2 emissions of more than 500kg.

* Green and Profitable. As opposed to “consumption”, feeding in (to the grid) allows the reversing of the electricity consumption meter when producing excess energy for the household. This excess energy is thus sold to the energy provider (e.g. Eskom) at an established feed-in tariff.


Physical Address: 13 Mangold Street, Newton Park, Port Elizabeth
Phone Number: 0415054600
From: S - From Saddles to Synthetics/Solar Electric Power - Systems and Eqpt

E-Mail or Phone Straton Solar - Harness the Power of the Sun Contact Straton Solar - Harness the Power of the Sun

95. Lexan-ClearBars (Multisafe Security)
[MyPE Recommended Business]
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Lexan® - ClearBars® by MultiSafe Security are transparent burglar bars, made from imported Lexan® polycarbonate, ISO 9001 approved for Military VIP protection, aircraft windows, Formula 1 cars, and other applications where safety and security are paramount. The material has a tensile breaking strength of 3000 kg's and is virtually indestructible, making it extremely safe in areas where parts may be exposed to impact. Why Lexan®: Lexan® is the best and only real suitable high density polycarbonate to be used when it comes to making long lasting transparent burglar bars. Lexan® was invented in 1953 and is one of only two brands in the world that is certified to be used in the Aviation industry. Benefits of Lexan®- ClearBars®: Stylish, Discreet, Rust proof, Fade resistant and Won't discolour. There is no maintenance, the material is guaranteed for 10 years against fading and aging.


Physical Address: 13 Simon Close, Beverley Grove, Port Elizabeth, 6070
Phone Number: 084 633 0816
From: B - From Baby Accessories to Buy Aids/Burglar Proofing

E-Mail or Phone Lexan-ClearBars (Multisafe Security) Contact Lexan-ClearBars (Multisafe Security)

96. ROWCO Coastal Region : (Contact) Rate | Comment | Modify | Report
ROWCO – Financial Rehabilitation and Debt Management Are you UNDER ADMINISTRATION or DEBT REVIEW ? Do you have a GARNISHEE ORDER or JUDGEMENT against your name ? Is your Expenses more than your Income ? !!! WE CAN HELP YOU !!!

Similar PE Businesses: F - From Fabric to Furniture/Financial Management Services
E-Mail or Phone ROWCO Coastal Region

97. Umoya Cottages : (Contact) Rate | Comment | Modify | Report
Umoya Cottages are self catering accommodation in Port Elizabeth, Newton Park. The accommodation is perfect for business people, holiday goers and all visitors to the Windy City! With full DSTV, private braai area & fully equipped kitchen you will have the a relaxing and enjoyable stay at the best self catering accommodation in Port Elizabeth!

Similar PE Businesses: A - From Abattoirs to Axles/Accomodation Establishments
E-Mail or Phone Umoya Cottages

98. DCGsa (Debt Counseling Group South Africa) : (Contact) Rate | Comment | Modify | Report
DEBT PROBLEMS? Consolidate all of your debt into one affordable monthly payment, without taking another loan and having to pay more interest. We are a NCR registered Debt Counsellor and can: *Legally protect you against legal action from your creditors. *Protect your assets from being repossessed including your home and vehicles. Relieve your financial stress today and contact us: 0861001047 e-mail help@dcgsa.co.za.

Similar PE Businesses: D - From Dairies to Dyers/Debt Counsellors
E-Mail or Phone DCGsa (Debt Counseling Group South Africa)

99. Noldi J : (Contact) Rate | Comment | Modify | Report
Wholesalers and Agents for Importers and Local Manufacturers

Similar PE Businesses: J - From Jackets to Jungles/Jewellers & Watchmakers - Retail
E-Mail or Phone Noldi J

100. iHart Media : (Contact) Rate | Comment | Modify | Report
iHart Media specialises in social media marketing & management services that build brand awareness to achieve return on investment

Similar PE Businesses: I - From Ice Cream to Ivory/Internet Publishing
E-Mail or Phone iHart Media

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