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Pallets: Pallets and Pallet Suppliers in Port Elizaeth

1. Containerised Pallets : (Contact) Rate | Comment | Modify | Report
Manufacturers of Pallets, Racking Decks and Crates for both the local and international markets since 2002.

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2. Pallets International : (Contact) Rate | Comment | Modify | Report
The pallet specialist and timber merchant. We specialise in export pallets and crates, export treatments, tongue and groove mouldings, warehouse decking and reclaimed timber sales,

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3. Trenstar (Pty) Ltd : (Contact) Rate | Comment | Modify | Report
Supply chain solution specialists.

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4. Cabinet Craft : (Contact) Rate | Comment | Modify | Report
Established 1984 - Crates for exporting. Manufacturers of crates, pallets & timber components.

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5. Ezi Racking Systems Trust : (Contact) Rate | Comment | Modify | Report

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6. Timber Enterprises : (Contact) Rate | Comment | Modify | Report
Sawmillers manufacturers of pallets, crates and timber components. Because we cut our own timber, we can manufacture any size or specification you want, in either wet off-saw, air -dried or kiln-dried timber, planned if required and with special cut-outs or mounting points if needed. We use only new F.S.C. certified timber (not recycled) and can apply any special treatment dependent on country of destination.

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7. St Albans Sawmills : (Contact) Rate | Comment | Modify | Report
Suppliers of sawn timber pallets.

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8. Pallets International : (Contact) Rate | Comment | Modify | Report
Pallet specialist, timber merchant, crate manufacturer, moulding service. Reclaimed pine, kiln-dried pine, containerised export, local road courier, purpose-built crating, flooring - tongue & groove, half-rounds, decking.

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9. Pallet Seconds : (Contact) Rate | Comment | Modify | Report
Pallets & crates - bought & sold. Wooden Pallet recyclers in Port Elizabeth. Sizes: 1.0m x 1.2m - 4 way entry and 2 way entry. Other sizes depending on availability

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